Ubiquiti AirMax Rocket M2

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Lyhyt kuvaus

150 Mbps
Frequency Band
2.4 GHz

Tärkeimmät ominaisuudet

  • Integrated AirMax technology
  • Intelligent QoS - priority is given to voice/video for seamless access
  • Scalability - high capacity and scalability
  • Long distance - capable of high speed 50 km+ links
  • Latency - multiple features dramatically reduce noise
  • GPS synchronization
  • GPS signal reporting


  • No co-location interference
  • External GPS antenna - included weatherproof external GPS antenna (Rocket M GPS)
  • Channels re-use - frequency reuse for increased scalability
  • Easy installation


Rocket M is a rugged, hi-power, very linear 2 x 2 MIMO radio with enhanced receiver performance. It features incredible range performance and breakthrough speed.Rocket M combines the "brains" in one robust unit; it can be paired with your choice of AirMax BaseStation or Rocket Antennas. This versatility gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Tekniset tiedot

Valmistaja Ubiquiti Networks
Verkko ja kommunikointi
Tiedonsiirtonopeus 150 Mbps
Verkko-ominaisuudet 802.11b/g/n
Liitettävyystekniikka Langaton
Verkko toiminnot 2T2R MIMO technology, pole mountable
Mitat ja Paino
Leveys 8 cm
Syvyys 1.6 cm
Korkeus 3 cm
Paino 0.5 kg
Koko tai muoto Ulkoinen