ASUS Sylimikron akku

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  • 70-NHT2B1000


Power your productivity and have reliable power at your fingertips. Once your laptop battery starts showing signs of wearing out, such as not maintaining a charge for very long, you need to buy a new one. A spare battery to extend the range of your laptop while on the road is also a great idea, and comes handy wherever you may be, especially at the office and school. Stable and durable, this battery is fully compatible with ASUS laptops.

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Valmistaja ASUS
Määrä pakkauksessa 1
Tuotemerkki ASUS
Tuotesarja ASUS
Väri Musta
Laitetyyppi Laptop battery
Akun kapasiteetti 4800, 4800 mAh mAh
Akkujen määrä 1
Akkuteknologia 6-kennoinen
Väri Black
Tuotetyyppi Sylimikron akku