Fujitsu Enterprise MAW3073NP

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In a 3.5-inch form factor, the MAW SCSI series offers low profile, high speed and high capacity to high performance enterprise computing applications.The MAW NP series comes with a 68-pin interface connector and spindle speed of 10K rpm. Areal density has doubled and internal drive transfer rates have been increased by 22% when compared to the previous MAP series. The drive is also equipped with a multi-segmented data buffer combined with a 32-bit wide internal data path for faster data access.The MAW NP series supports the Ultra 320 SCSI interface which offers high performance and reliability enhancing features such as data packet protocol, quick arbitration and selection, and signal pre-compensation.Leading edge technology enables industry leading performance specifications blended with the latest advances in interface technology, to provide a cost effective storage solution that meets the most demanding enterprise storage requirements.

Tekniset tiedot

Valmistaja Fujitsu
Pakattu määrä 1
Malli MAW3073NP
Merkki Fujitsu
Tuotelinja Fujitsu Enterprise
Kiintolevy ja tallennus
Keskimääräinen hakuaika 4.5 ms
Puskurin koko 8 MB
Muistin koko 73.5 GB
Tiedonsiirtonopeus 320 MBps
Koko tai muoto 3.5" x 1/3H
Koko (metrinen) 8.9 cm x 1/3H
Koko tai muoto (Lyhyt) 3.5"
Koko (lyhyt, metrinen) 8.9 cm
Kiintolevyaseman tyyppi Sisäinen kiintolevyasema
Liitin Ultra320 SCSI
Kierrosnopeus 10000 opm
Tyyppi Kiintolevyasema
Kiintolevy liitin 68-nastainen HD D-Sub
Laitetyyppi Hard drive - internal
Äänentaso 34 dB
Alin käyttölämpötila 5 °C
Korkein käyttölämpötila 55 °C
Ilmankosteus käytössä 5 - 95%
Mitat ja Paino
Leveys 10.2 cm
Syvyys 14.6 cm
Korkeus 2.5 cm
Paino 0.75 kg
Form Factor 3.5" x 1/3H