Dell Mobile Computing Cart

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Notebook storage cart

Tärkeimmät ominaisuudet

  • Small footprint retains same space-saving profile when doors are stowed in either open or closed position
  • Devices are stored loose and flat, easy to remove for use
  • Cable management on the shelves keep internal cords neat
  • ABS shelves are vented to aid in device cooling
  • LED power/fault status indicators communicate power on, auxiliary outlets in use, zone receiving power and max temperature conditions
  • Recessed cable management wrap keeps the external Ethernet cable and power cord unobtrusive and neatly managed
  • Optimize charge time for mobile devices in the cart


  • Never waste time with power directed to an empty bank
  • Safely charge mobile devices while using cart's external auxiliary outlets
  • No user intervention required to direct power in the cart
  • Key-locking steel doors slide open on opposing sides of the cart to provide access to mobile devices from both sides
  • Ergonomic handle is designed for comfortable pushing, it also may be used to secure the cart to a fixed point via a locking cable
  • Power adapters and IT equipment are stored in separate secured compartments from the mobile devices - students cannot access cables or cart electronics
  • Upper compartment houses and provides power for Ethernet switch and WAP/wireless router


Protect and maximize your technology investment with the Dell Mobile Computing Cart - Managed. Securely store and charge up to 30 devices while providing easy mobility to share between locations. Shelving is sized to accommodate a variety of form factors for devices up to 36 cm (14"). Cart LEDs communicate power on, which areas of the cart are drawing power, and fault conditions. The recessed cable management wrap keeps the external Ethernet cable and power cord unobtrusive and neatly managed.

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Valmistaja Dell
Product Type Notebook storage cart
Lisävarusteluokka Sylimikron ja muistiotietokoneen lisävarusteet
Tuotetyyppi Notebook storage cart
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