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  • CAC-1170


The Club 3D CAC-1170 is an active HDMI™ signal converter. The Mini DisplayPort™
1.2 to HDMI™ 2.0 UHD Adapter is the easiest solution for connecting your Mini
DisplayPort™ 1.2 enabled Game PC or recent Laptop to an HDMI™ 2.0 enabled 4K
UHD Television, monitor or Projector. The adapter is fully compliant to HDMI™ 2.0
specification allowing for 6Gbps TMDS throughput per channel. The interface in
the adapter has three lanes for HDMI data, clock, HPD signal and power, offering
a total TMDS throughput of 18Gbps.
Supports up to 4K UHD Resolution at 60Hz.
TheMini DisplayPort™ 1.2 to HDMI™ 2.0 adapter supports (U)HD resolutions of up
to 4K UHD 4096x 2160p @ 60Hz for a clear, sharp picture. The support for 60
frames per second provides exceptionally smooth video or gameplay. Use the
adapter to play games, view video or browse the internet from your Mini DisplayPort™
1.2 enabled device in (Ultra) high- resolution. Supporting up to 8 channels
of audio, the adapter provides Ultra High Definition digital audio and video. It is
the ideal solution for anyone who wants to enjoy 4K UHD/ 60 gameplay but lacks
a native HDMI™ 2.0 output in their system configuration.


Supports AMD GCN cards, Nvidia® Maxwell cards and Intel® Skylake HD 5XX series and newer. Not intended for older architectures (such as Intel Haswell HD 4XXX / NVidia Kepler 5xx series Graphics)

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Valmistaja Club 3D
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Kestävä IT Ei
Tuotemerkki Club 3D
Tuotesarja Club 3D
Hyväksynnät ja luokitukset DisplayPort 1.2
AV-kaapelin tyyppi Videoliitin
Tuetut liitännät DisplayPort / HDMI
Vasemmanpuoleisen liittimen sukupuoli Uros
Vasemmanpuoleisen liittimen tyyppi Mini DisplayPort
Oikeanpuoleisen liittimen sukupuoli Naaras
Oikeanpuoleisen liittimen tyyppi 19-nastainen HDMI Tyyppi A
Väri Musta
Hyväksynnät ja luokitukset FCC, RoHS, EMI