Startech HDMI Docking Station for Laptops

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Set up a hot desk in an area with limited desk space, and easily create a workstation for guests, mobile workers, and home users. This HDMI docking station for laptops offers a cost-effective way to create a full-size workstation that can be used by multiple people in hot desk environments.You can easily add essential connections such as an extra display to your laptop, to create a more efficient, more comfortable workspace. Now, you or your colleagues can be more productive, even in an area with minimal desk space.The HDMI universal laptop docking station caters to offices and businesses that have more laptop users than available workstations, making it perfect for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) applications.This laptop dock lets you create a hot desk in a location with limited space. With hot desks, laptop users aren't tied to one specific workstation, so they can come and go with ease. Plus, hot desk are more affordable and require less space than conventional cubicles.You can start work quickly, by connecting your laptop to the dock using only a single USB 3.0 cable. Plus, for maximum efficiency it offers ports for an extra display, a Gigabit network, and multiple USB devices.It's a cost-effective docking station that still provides all the typical ports of a full-size workstation, such as a HDMI output, and when paired with your laptop display, you can easily set up dual displays.If you're running out of physical workspace, this docking station can help. Its compact design occupies minimal surface area, so you can integrate it into smaller areas than traditional docking stations or desktop computers would require.By maximizing your available space, the compact dock can help eliminate the added cost and hassle of purchasing more offices, cubicles, or desks.The dock is a perfect fit for hot desks with its small footprint design, making it ideal for mass deployment in business, classroom, computer lab, and government settings. Plus, it integrates nicely into home-office workspaces that have limited space.You can avoid the aggravation of a dead battery and make sure your mobile device is always ready to go, using the dock's USB fast-charge and sync port. Plus, the always-on USB port supports device charging even when your laptop isn't connected to the dock.When you're in a hurry, the easily accessible USB port charges your smartphone or tablet faster than traditional USB ports. This front-panel port ensures your mobile device is always within arm's reach, so you can simultaneously get your work done while enjoying convenient device charging at your workstation.

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