IBM Lenovo ServeRAID M5000 Series Battery Kit

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  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Smart monitoring that ensures no data lost due to insufficient DRT
  • Gas gauge to ensure overcharging cannot happen
  • Thermistor on cell to ensure cell temperature stays in a safe range


The kit provides an enterprise-grade battery for added performance on high-density servers that require battery-backed protection.It adds a cost-effective enterprise-grade intelligent battery backup solution to an organization's storage infrastructure. With 48 hours of data retention time while on battery backup, data is guaranteed to be safe during an emergency. The kit offers the performance advantages of DRAM as a write cache medium.ServeRAID M5000 Series Battery Kit uses a battery "gas gauge" to accurately estimate the remaining energy capacity of the battery, similar to the way a cell phone or laptop computer does. In addition, it offers a monthly learn cycle where write caching for the system is turned off so that the battery can be discharged and recharged in order to recalibrate the gauge.

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Valmistaja IBM
Laitetyyppi RAID controller battery backup unit
Akkuteknologia Litiumioni
Tuotetyyppi RAID controllerin akun varmuuskopioyksikkö
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