Dell Kiintolevyasema

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This Dell Internal Hard Drive offers the ideal data storage solution for your system. It enables the host system to optimize storage of data with its 'Smooth Stream' technology, which gives the host control over the drive's error recovery process. It incorporates Serial ATA II interface to enable faster data access and better power management to the system. The hard drive also includes Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle Motors for minimizing acoustical noise, and improving reliability. The hard drive's large capacity proves ideal for demanding, high-capacity Internet, digital audio, video streaming, and real-time multimedia applications.

Tekniset tiedot

Valmistaja Dell
Pakattu määrä 1
Merkki Dell
Tuotelinja Dell
Kiintolevy ja tallennus
Puskurin koko 16 MB
Muistin koko 500 GB
Tiedonsiirtonopeus 300 MBps
Kiintolevyaseman tyyppi Sisäinen kiintolevyasema
Liitin Serial ATA-300
Kierrosnopeus 7200 opm
Tyyppi Kiintolevyasema
Lisäominaisuudet Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motor
Laitetyyppi Hard drive - internal