Startech 6U Vented Blank Panel with Hinge

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Improve the organization and appearance of your rack while maintaining airflow. You can improve the appearance and airflow of any standard 19-inch server rack while still enjoying easy access to unused space, using this 6U hinged blanking panel.The blanking panel features a vented design that enables unobstructed airflow through your rack. Maximized airflow helps ensure your rack-mounted equipment is running at an optimal temperature.The blanking panel features a vented design enabling unobstructed airflow through your rack. The vented panel maximizes airflow to help ensure your equipment is running at an optimal temperature.With a hinged design, you can quickly open the blanking panel, make your required adjustments and when you're finished, simply close the panel to restore the professional appearance and order of your server room. The panel is reversible, so you to install it on the left or the right side of your rack, to best suit your needs. The rack panel also comes complete with rack installation screws and nuts, giving you everything you need to ensure a hassle-free installation.

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Värikategoria Musta
Product Type Rack blanking panel (vented)
Height (Rack Units) 6U
Rack Size 19"
Colour Black
Compliant Standards
Compliant Standards EIA-310-D, RoHS
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Leveys 48.3 cm
Syvyys 1.5 cm
Korkeus 26.5 cm
Paino 0.839 kg
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