Cisco Meraki

Webinar: Secure Remote Working with Cisco Meraki

Patrik Berglund, Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Meraki

Businesses everywhere are undergoing a fundamental transformation in how they work. Cisco Meraki solutions keep employees secure and connected, no matter where they are, and deliver an ‘in-office’ experience without the cost or complexity of traditional architectures.

Join Patrik Berglund, Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Meraki, during this 20-minute breakout session to find out more about how Meraki IT-solutions can help as business needs shift:

    • Reliable network connectivity from anywhere
    • Secure remote access to ensure policy compliance
    • High voice quality for VoIP communication
    • Easy device management for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or company-issued devices

We look forward to answering your questions during the live Q&A!

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