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Would it not be nice to have the very best sound medium between amplifier and loudspeakers, performing with total transparency? SUPRA Sword is a successful attempt to create a cable of that quality. Not the most inexpensive, but the best.SUPRA's flagship. Sword is a patented cable. The secret is the bifilar-wound litz conductors, each comprising 24 individually insulated wires. The bifilar winding is built with 12 of these wires helically wound in one direction and in the opposite direction. This divides the magnetic field into opposing directions resulting in self-cancelation. Because Sword's conductors comprise a number of insulated wires, dynamic skin-effect is also canceled. Therefore Sword behaves as a non-inductive and phase stable cable.

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Valmistaja Jenving Technology
Vasemmanpuoleisen liittimen tyyppi Haarukka (spade)
Oikeanpuoleisen liittimen tyyppi Haarukka (spade)
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